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Choosing the Best Inverter Battery

Table of Contents:

    9AH 12V Ritar Inverter Battery

    R230,00 excl. VAT

    AGM Inverter Battery

    1150K 100AH 12V Deep Cycle Inverter Battery

    R2490,00 excl. VAT

    Semi Sealed Lead Calcium Inverter Battery

    An inverter battery is a crucial part of any power backup solution. The choice of the right battery for your inverter directly influences the performance and longevity of your inverter system.

    In this comprehensive guide, we will be discussing the various types of inverter batteries, top picks in the market, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

    Inverter Battery
    108ah Lithium Inverter Battery

    Types of Inverter Batteries

    There are mainly three types of inverter batteries:

      1. Lead-Acid Batteries: These are the most commonly used inverter batteries. They are rechargeable in nature, have a long life, but require regular maintenance.

      1. Maintenance-Free Batteries: Also known as sealed batteries, they are safe and do not require electrolyte level checks or topping up. They have a comparatively shorter life and are a bit expensive.

      1. Tubular Batteries: These batteries are the most efficient and have a longer life than other types. They require less maintenance and are perfect for areas with long power cuts.

    Top Picks for Inverter Batteries

    Here, we will list some of the best inverter batteries available in the market along with their distinctive features.

    Lithium Inverter Battery

    Lithium batteries are gaining popularity due to their long life and efficiency. They charge faster, have a higher depth of discharge, and require minimal maintenance.


    1150k Inverter Battery

    The 1150k deep cycle battery is known for its high performance and is ideal for running heavy-duty appliances. Its advanced technology offers long-lasting power back-up, when able to reach fully charged status, and requires less maintenance.


    100ah Lithium Inverter Battery

    108ah 13v 1.4KWH Certo Lithium Battery

    100AH Lithium Battery Price 51.2V 5.2KWH

    R19990,00 excl. VAT

    100ah Lithium Battery 51.2v 5.2kwh, Rackmount or Wall mount

    Choosing the Best Inverter Battery

    Choosing the best inverter battery depends on various factors:

      1. Power Requirement: Evaluate your power need, i.e., the number of appliances you wish to run during a power outage.

      1. Battery Capacity: This is measured in Ah (Ampere Hours). Higher the Ah, higher is the battery capacity.

      1. VA rating of Inverter: The battery should be compatible with the VA rating of your inverter.

      1. Warranty: Always opt for a battery with a long warranty period.

      1. Price: Compare prices of various brands keeping in mind the above factors.1. How Long Will a 12V 100Ah Battery Run a TV?

    The duration for which a 12V 100Ah battery will run a TV depends on the power consumption of the TV.

    For example, if a TV consumes 50W per hour, and you fully charge a 12V 100Ah (1200Wh) battery, it could theoretically run the TV for about 24 hours.

    This is, however, an ideal scenario and actual times may be less due to efficiency losses in the inverter and battery.

    How Long Will a Battery Last With an Inverter?

    The battery’s lifespan with an inverter depends on the capacity of the battery and the total power load connected to the inverter.

    A larger battery or lower power load will last longer. In addition, factors such as the battery type, its age, how often the battery is fully charged and discharged (cycle) and how well it’s maintained will also impact its longevity.

    The Ultimate Guide to Home Inverters

    Can I use a car battery for my Inverter?

    While it is technically possible to use a car battery with an inverter, it is not recommended. Car batteries are designed to provide a high current burst for a short period (to start the engine), not to be discharged over a longer period like inverter batteries. Using a car battery for this purpose will likely shorten its lifespan significantly.

    How much is an Inverter battery in South Africa?

    The price of inverter batteries in South Africa varied depending on the type and capacity of the battery. A standard 12V 100Ah battery might cost around 2500-3500 ZAR, while a high-capacity or lithium battery could cost significantly more. Please check with local suppliers for up-to-date pricing.

    How many Inverter batteries do I need for my Inverter?

    The number of batteries you’ll need for your inverter depends on your power needs and the type of inverter and battery you’re using.

    If you’re using a 12V inverter and your power consumption requires 200Ah, you would need two 12V 100Ah batteries. It’s important to accurately calculate your power needs to ensure you get enough batteries for your setup.

    What is an inverter battery?

    An inverter battery is a rechargeable battery that stores energy when power is available, which can be used when there is a power outage. It’s a crucial component of the inverter system, providing backup power to connected appliances and devices.

    What are the best inverter batteries?

    The “best” inverter battery depends on your specific requirements, including power need, battery capacity, the VA rating of your inverter, warranty, and budget. However, Lithium and deep cycle inverter batteries are quite popular due to their long life and efficiency.

    How does an inverter battery work?

    An inverter battery stores electrical energy (DC power) and provides it to the inverter when needed. The inverter then converts this DC power into AC power to run your home appliances during power outages.

    What is the price of an inverter battery?

    The price of an inverter battery varies based on its type, capacity, brand, and other features. It’s always recommended to compare prices from different brands to get the best deal.

    Can I use an inverter battery for solar systems?

    Yes, inverter batteries can be used in solar systems. In fact, certain batteries like the Lithium-ion are particularly efficient for such applications due to their high energy density and long life span.


    Picking the best inverter battery can seem daunting, but with a clear understanding of your requirements and options available, it becomes quite manageable.

    Consider the above points, do a bit of research, and make an informed decision. Remember, the right inverter battery can make a significant difference to your inverter’s performance and longevity.


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