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Certo 2400va Inverter Trolley price with Lithium battery South Africa

Table of Contents:

    Certo 2400VA Inverter for home with Lithium Batteries

    R17790,00 excl. VAT

    Batteries: 2 x Certo 108AH 13V Lithium LiFePO4
    Cabinet: 1 x Certo C2 – Steel with wheels

    Certo 2400VA Inverter for home incl. 2 x 100ah batteries

    R9820,00 excl. VAT

    Batteries: 2 x 105AH 12V
    Cabinet: C2 – steel with wheels

    2400va Inverter Trolley price with Lithium battery in South Africa – Key Takeaways



    Essential Feature 2400VA power capacity
    Battery Life Ranges from 150-200 cycles for standard batteries to 3000 cycles for lithium batteries
    Price Range Varies between R8,995.00 and R14,490.00, depending on features and battery type
    Utility Ideal for backup power during load shedding
    Battery Types Lead-Acid, AGM, Lithium
    Suitability Best suited for appliances with low power usage, excluding those with motors

    In the ever-evolving world of power backup solutions, the 2400VA trolley inverter has become a pivotal player, especially in the context of 2024’s energy landscape.

    Cooper Power, a leader in solar power inverter systems and battery backup, presents various products that align perfectly with this trend, such as their INV-PG2400, INV-PG2400-3, and the 2400VA 2L Solar Inverter Lithium.

    This article delves into the significance of the 2400VA trolley inverter in today’s power landscape.

    Certo 2400VA 1440W Inverter for home

    R2250,00 excl. VAT

    Batteries: none
    Cabinet: none

    1200VA 720W Certo Inverter for home

    R1800,00 excl. VAT

    Batteries: none
    Cabinet: none

    The Rising Importance of 2400va Inverter Trolley price with Lithium battery South Africa.

    1. Versatility and Convenience

    The 2400VA trolley inverter is revered for its versatility. It’s an ideal solution for homes and offices alike, providing uninterrupted power for essential devices like TVs, routers, and lighting systems. Its portability is a standout feature, making it easy to move and set up as required.

    2. Advanced Technology

    Today’s models, like the Certo 1440W/2400VA Modified Sine Wave Inverter Trolley, boast innovative features like automatic transfer switches, intelligent battery chargers, and overload protection. This not only ensures safety but also enhances the overall efficiency of the device.

    3. Eco-Friendly Approach

    A noticeable trend in 2024 is the shift towards environmentally friendly power solutions. Inverters like the 2400va Solar Home Inverter are leading this charge, offering fossil fuel-free operation, thereby reducing carbon footprint.

    1200VA 720W Certo Inverter for home with Lithium Battery

    R9990,00 excl. VAT

    Batteries: 1 x Certo 108AH 13V Lithium LiFePO4
    Cabinet: 1 x Certo C1 – Steel with wheels

    1200VA 720W Certo Inverter for home

    R6250,00 excl. VAT

    Batteries: 1 x 105AH 12V
    Cabinet: C1 – steel with wheels

    Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

    1. Demand and Supply

    With frequent power outages, the demand for reliable power backup solutions has soared. Inverters like the Certo 2400VA have become increasingly popular, offering an efficient solution during load shedding.

    2. Enhanced Battery Life

    Consumers are now favoring inverters with longer battery life, as seen in products like the Certo 2400VA Inverter Trolley with Lithium Batteries. These models promise extended usage and reduced maintenance, a key selling point in today’s market.

    3. Noise Reduction

    Another emerging preference is for quieter operation. Newer models are designed to reduce noise levels, making them more suitable for indoor use without causing disturbances.

    4. Safety and Reliability

    Safety is paramount in power solutions. Modern 2400VA inverters incorporate various safety features such as short circuit protection, over and under-voltage protection, and battery short circuit prevention. These measures ensure that the devices are not just powerful but also safe for everyday use.

    5. Installation and Maintenance

    Ease of installation and low maintenance are key aspects that drive consumer preference. Inverters that offer ‘Plug and Play’ convenience, like many models available today, are particularly appealing. Cooper Power, known for its robust after-sales support and maintenance services, ensures that their inverters, including the INV-PG2400 series, remain in top condition.



    2400va Inverter Trolley price with Lithium battery
    2400va Inverter Trolley price with Lithium battery

    The Role of Inverters in Sustainable Energy Solutions

    1. Integration with Renewable Energy

    The integration of inverters with renewable energy sources, particularly solar panels, marks a significant stride in sustainable energy use. This not only optimizes energy consumption but also reduces reliance on grid power, offering an eco-friendly alternative.

    2. Battery Technology Advancements

    The evolution of battery technology has greatly enhanced the capabilities of 2400VA inverters. Modern inverters use advanced battery types, like Lithium-Ion, offering longer life spans and higher efficiency. This aligns with the increasing environmental consciousness among consumers.

    The Future Outlook

    Looking ahead, the 2400VA trolley inverter market is poised for further growth and innovation. With advancements in technology and an increasing focus on renewable energy, these inverters are expected to become even more efficient, versatile, and integral to our daily lives.

    User Experience and Testimonials

    It’s crucial to consider real-world experiences and feedback. Customers who have purchased Cooper Power’s inverters, like the 2400VA 2L Solar Inverter Lithium, often highlight the reliability, ease of use, and the peace of mind these devices offer during power outages.

    The 2400VA trolley inverter has become an integral part of modern power backup solutions, reflecting the needs of a world grappling with energy challenges. Cooper Power’s range of inverters embodies these trends and advancements, offering versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions for both homes and offices. As we move forward, these inverters are set to play a crucial role in shaping our approach to energy management and sustainability.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 2400VA Certo Inverters

    1. What can I run on a 2400VA Certo inverter?

    2400VA inverter can typically power essential household appliances such as LED lights, TVs, computers, fans, and charging devices. It’s crucial to calculate the total power consumption of the appliances to ensure it doesn’t exceed the inverter’s capacity.

    2. What can a 2.4 KVA inverter power?

    2.4 KVA inverter, equivalent to a 2400VA inverter, can handle a variety of appliances. It can comfortably power several lights, a TV, a computer, and charge mobile devices. However, it’s not suitable for high-power-consuming appliances like air conditioners or large heaters.

    3. How much kW is a 2400VA inverter?

    To convert VA (Volt-Ampere) to kW (Kilowatt), you must factor in the power factor of the appliances being used. Assuming an average power factor of 0.6, a 2400VA inverter can provide approximately 1.44kW of power. (2400VA x 0.6 = 1440W or 1.44kW).

    4. Can a Certo 2400VA inverter run a lithium battery?

    Yes, a Certo 2400VA inverter can be used with a lithium battery, provided the inverter’s voltage and current specifications match the battery’s requirements. Lithium batteries offer longer lifespans and generally higher efficiency compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for compatibility.

    For more details on specific inverter models and their capabilities, visit Cooper Power’s product pages, such as the Certo 2400VA Inverter and the Certo 2400VA 2L Solar Inverter Lithium.

    2400va Inverter Trolley price with Lithium battery in South Africa

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